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To Try To Stop Fate Is To Extend It...

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Two boys, both living in a world of monotonous pain, both alone, both living behind masks.

Both wishing for change.

But suddenly, one want ad in the paper, one drop in the pond, and everything starts changing. Once the first drop falls, no one can stop the chain of events that turns both worlds completely upside down.

One random event and suddenly whole worlds are changing, becoming wider, more complicated, but like a rock falling into water, when you try to stop the Ripples, you only make more.


A story adapted from an ongoing RPG. This story is copyright to Rei and Amanda. Ours, not yours.

Rated NC-17 for explicit gay sex. If you don't like it, I suggest you head to this web-site to make yourself feel better about your in-the-closet tendancies.