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Ripples - Info and Updates

~`~`|A Story Of The Power Of Fate|`~`~

"Two boys, both living in a world of monotonous pain, both alone, both living behind masks.

Both wishing for change.

But suddenly, one want ad in the paper, one drop in the pond, and everything starts changing. Once the first drop falls, no one can stop the chain of events that turns both worlds completely upside down.

One random event and suddenly whole worlds are changing, becoming wider, more complicated, but like a rock falling into water, when you try to stop the Ripples, you only make more."


Hi and welcome to our little world.

If you don't know what this is, this is an online story. This is not a club or a personal journal where you'll find (much) whining about ones everyday woes and trials. Instead it's a story about our character's woes and trials.

Just some info:

*This story is rated "R" . Though it's not in the earlier chapters, their will be explicit sex scenes later. If you are not capable of reading mature content comfortably, you may not want to read this. Though if I may say so, part of romance is sex, and this is a romance.

*This story contains homosexuality. If you do not agree with or like homosexuality, you will definately want to pass on this story. Most of the relationships here are homosexual.

*This story contains violence, corruption and rape. Though such scenes are not depicted in details, it is still there. if this offends you, pass.

*This was adapted from an RPG, but it is original. I know most RPGs out there are down on the basis of a guide, like D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, adapting TV shows into playable RPGs and other only semi-original formats. However, we had no guide or format for creating this story. It's 100% our imagination. As such this story is copyrighted by it's two authors and cannot be legally used or reproduced without permission.

*This story is created with the anime style in mind. As such don't be surprised by weird hair colours and a few other anime hijinx.


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© to Amanda and Rei 2005.
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