Rei Davidson (reidavidson) wrote in minx_n_riverus,
Rei Davidson

Second Ring

Riverus fidgetted in the backseat of the cop car as they travelled to the station, having to hold back tears. It infuriated him that Minx seemed unbothered by the whole situation, bugging the officers to turn on the radio and getting annoyed when they ignored him.

He refused to cry. Not in front of that idiot. He glared at Minx, but the teenager didn't even notice. He was shaking at the seat of the officer in front of him, complaining about the silence.

"What am I gonna do?" Riverus groaned without quite meaning to.

Minx finally glanced at him. Riverus met those guarded gray eyes with passionate anger, but Minx didn't blink. "Agree with my deal, yet?"

"As if!" Riverus snarled, "A deal with you would somehow make this worse..."

"Sure," Minx grinned, "I bet someone named Bubba or something claims you..." He poked at Riverus who squirmed away, growling at him.

"I can take care of myself..." he said slowly.

Minx just snickered and leaned back.

Riverus was preparing to yell at him when he felt the car stop, having to catch himself on the seat in front of him to avoid hitting it. He swallowed hard and waited, listening to Minx's calm humming with great irritation.

"Okay let's go," one of the officers growled, opening Minx's door. Minx just got out with no comment.

Riverus gave a small whimper as his own door opened and the officer gripped his arm, dragging him from the back and standing him up.

"Gawd, can we get this over with?" Minx asked, looking up and bouncing up and down a bit. "I'm bored!"

The police men said nothing. Instead they shoved both boys towards the station. Minx just walked on his own but Riverus took some rough handling, his legs feeling unable to move.

Riverus stopped dead when he saw Rombardi standing at the counter. He felt a hard shove at his back and stumbled forward, hissing at a small throbbing pain in his spine.

"I'll take it from here, boys," Rombardi said, smirking at them.

Minx's calmness died at Rombardi's statement, replaced with a cold glare. "Of course you will, and probably get something from it too..."

Rombardi said nothing, allowing the officers to escort both the boys into the questioning room, then dismissing them. Once everyone was settled, Rombardi leaned against the wall. "Well boys..."

"Well what, Romie?" Minx said sweetly.

"Careful or I can forget to give you your phonecall, rich boy," Rombardi grinned.

Minx shrugged. "So what do you want?" he sighed.

"I dunno yet," Rombardi shrugged. "I was rather hurt and embarassed by Sherlock's little inestigation earlier tonight." He glanced at Riverus.

Riverus said nothing, just looked rather scared, struggling to hold in tears.

"And?" Minx replied.

"And I want some retribution..." he smiled a bit and looked Riverus up and down, thumbing his shin thoughtfully. "I'm trying to resolve the best way to do that..."

Minx frowned a bit, confused, then glanced at Riverus, catching on. "I didn't think you swung that way..."

"You'd be surprised," Rombardi said, his blue eyes locked on Riverus. Riverus shivered. "I don't much like little overconfident brats like you.. But this kid..."

Riverus shut his eyes, trying to block out what Rombardi was saying.

"Why do you wanna screw him?" Minx said, watching Riverus a moment himself, "He'd probably just cry during the whole thing..."

Rombardi moved closer to Riverus and grabbed him by the chin, forcing him to meet eyes. "Maybe I like it when they cry..."

Riverus could hold back no longer. A solitary tear flew down his face, making him heat up in embarassment. Rombardi let go with a smirk, as though getting to Riverus satified him somehow.

"Ew... Waaaaaay too much info there..." Minx said but was glancing at Riverus. Rombardi searched for concern but couldn't decide whether it was there or not.

"So anyway..." Rombardi shrugged, retaking his spot on the wall across from them, "If you keep hush hush about this, verify that I did give this kid a phonecall since I'm not going to, generally cover my tracks... I could just let you go."

Minx hesitated. "Why are you so stuck on him, Romie?"

"He's cute... He's just my type," Rombardi replied and let his eyes narrow on Minx. "Don't worry about it."

Minx shrugged. "Fine..."

Riverus flinched, still not speaking, his last hope for escape conceding.

"So what's your name?" Rombardi asked Riverus.

Riverus couldn't bring himself to speak.

Rombardi frowned. "Any clues on his name...?" Rombardi asked Minx.

Minx was staring at Riverus, zoned out.

"Minx," Rombardi said sharply and snapped his fingers.

"What?!" Minx snapped.

"Does the kid have a name?" Rombardi asked.

"Doesn't everyone?" Minx smirked.

"Do you know it?" Rombardi said evenly.

"Maybe," Minx grinned.

"What is it?"

"What is what?"

"What is his name?" Rombardi replied, becoming annoyed.

"It starts with an 'r'," Minx said.

Rombardi sighed. "If you want me to let you go, you'll answer my questions..."

"You're no fun!" Minx whined, "His name is... Cupcake!"

"But you said it started with an 'r'," Rombardi reminded him.


Rombardi sighed and unholstered his gun, making Minc start a bit. Rombardi lowered the barrel until it was barely not touching Riverus's forehead. "Name?"

Riveru's eyes dialated and he leaned back, his breathing becoming ragged. "R-R-R..." he stumbled but couldn't make his tongue work.

Rombardi sighed and cocked the trigger.

"Riverus," Minx said coldly, glaring at Rombardi, serious now.

"Riverus what?" Rombardi asked.

"I can't remember," Minx shrugged. "Something weird. And he's the third."

Rombardi turned his gaze back to Riverus. "Well...?"

Riverus was staring down the barrle, scared witless.

"Five... four... three..." Rombardi counted down, resting against his hand.

"Like that's going to do any good," Minx said, but was suddenly looking nervous, "You'll be lucky if he doesn't go in his pants..."

"I reach one and I shoot and just say he tried to steal my gun," Rombardi replied, "Two..."

"Anthem!" Riverus screamed, "Riverus Anthem III!!"

"Nice," Rombardi let the gun drop and Riverus shed several more silent tears. "Riverus Anthem III, responsible for bank robbery... Minx was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, right Minx...?"

"Whatever," Minx muttered.

"Okay, I'll arrange for you to be discharged and call your daddy," Rombardi said, seeming very happy about their arrangement.

Riverus was staring at the ground, his shoulders giving small shakes. He was crying freely now, all but sobbing. He refused to meet anyone's eye.

Minx scowled and sighed. "I don't like this deal," Minx said. "I was planning on hiring him."

Rombardi's eyes narrowed at his sudden reluctance. "Do you want out of here, kid?"

"I've been looking for a person to hire for a very long time, my father will vouch for that. He'll certainly be displeased when I tell him I found the perfect personal servant for me only for him to be wrongfully accused," Minx shrugged.

Rombardi considered him carefully. "Fine... I'll discharge him after 48 hours," Rombardi said.

Minx nodded. "I could tolerate that," Minx said, with a disdainful sniff, "Except, I don't want to have to send him to a doctor to fix anything you do to him. In other words, you screw him up, I'll have to screw up your life."

Rombardi set his eyes on him, realizing what was happening. "I don't have to let you go... Sometimes people get lost in the system..."

Minx called his bluff. "You should know better then anyone my father requires me to contact my caretaker regularly. He'll be looking for me by morning, and it may be easy to lose someone in the system, but how are you going to cover your ass for if you pull that stunt on me?"

"Hey, I never saw you. Ask your boyfriend here, I'm not even on duty right now," he smirked. "How could I be responsible? I wasn't here."

"You really think you could get away with that?" Minx asked, smirking back, "Because everything is traceable. Trust me."

Rombardi scowled. "What exactly about this boy is so appealing to you?" he asked.

"I should be asking you the same question," Minx shrugged.

"I've already said. So unless your reason is the same as mine..."

"He's amusing," Minx said, dismissing such an idea with his tone.

"What if I can find someone better?" Rombardi asked. "I'm pretty set on him..."

Riverus was slowly tuning into the conversation, his tears momentarily subsided. He watched Minx, confused, wondering what he was getting at.

"Romie, how many people do you know that I can actually spend more than a day in their company?" Minx asked.

"I could find you someone to kick around, if that's what you want," Rombardi said, pretty much ignoring Minx's question. "That's all this kid is."

"I could too," Minx countered, "They're a dime a dozen."

"So why this one?!" Rombardi said, starting to get agitated. "He's not special. Smart, that's about it. He has to be dirt poor. The apartment they pulled you guys from in the worst in town. He lives alone... He's probably trying to look older than he is if that face is any indication."

"I don't mind being around him," Minx shrugged, "That makes him special."

"Aw how sweet," Rombardi spat venomously, "But I have my interests too."

"It can't be that hard to find a sex toy," Minx growled.

"I'm picky."

"You're starting to tick me off," Minx said in a low tone.

"D-Don't I get a say in this?" Riverus asked.


"Shut up."

"I just want to go home..." Riverus said, fresh tears forming.

"I'm sure you can find someone else," Minx said, looking at Riverus.

"Same for you."

"I doubt it," Minx muttered, "I can count on one hand the number of people that I don't mind."

"And I can count on one hand the boys that fit my taste..."

Minx scowled. "This isn't getting us anywhere. Let's do something to settle this."

Rombardi fell into a cold silence, his temper at it's end. "Well either one of us takes him, or no one does," he said.

"So you'd just let him go?" Minx said, giving him a blank stare.

"No," Rombardi said, drawing his handgun, "I'll just shoot him"

Minx raised an eyebrow. "You'd really kill him?"

"I don't like the idea of giving up something I want to you, so... yeah," Rombardi shrugged.

"And I don't light the idea of him being completely screwed up after you get through with him," Minx growled, sitting up a little.

"So?" Rombardi smirked, "Put him out of his misery..."

Riverus stared at the gun, shaking. "You're joking right?"

Without quite realizing he was moving, Minx stepped between Riverus and the gun. "Back down."

Rombardi ruffled. "So you care about him that much?"

"I... don't know..." Minx said, sounding uncertain for the first time in the argument.

"I didn't think you cared about anyone..." Rombardi smiled.

Minx said nothing, breaking eye contact.

"Sure... you want him for your little whims, but once you get bored, he's back to the gutter where you found him," Rombardi shugged. "So it's not like you're losing much."

Riverus was staring back and forth from the two of them, hideously confused and terrified.

"It's not like I wanna fuck him," Minx said, "He ticks me off. He's bossy, annoying, rude, and has managed to piss me off and I only met him today. But I can't back down."

"Aw, so you do care..." Rombardi grinned, never lowering the gun.

Minx just closed his eyes and said nothing.

"However indespensible he is for you, he's dispensible for me," Rombardi continued. "And I can't stand the idea of you getting what I want..."

Suddenly, he shoved Minx away from Riverus and aimed his gun, firing two consecutive shots. Minx whirled around in shock and winced as the gun blasted.

Riverus screamed and threw up his hands, waiting for his demise. All at once, a shield flashed over him, stopping the bullets then disappearing. After a moment he looked up, blinking, wondering what happened.

"What the hell...?" Rombardi muttered.

Minx blinked before falling to the floor. "I feel sick..."

"You're faking," Rombardi said, not sounding certain.

Minx said nothing, simply blanched and put a hand over his mouth, looking like he might swoon any moment. Rombardi simply watched, wondering if he was lying.

Riverus suddenly realized that Rombardi was distracted and sent out a clumsy kick, knocking the gun out of his hands and into the air. With more luck then skill, the gun flew toward him and he caught it. He blinked and stared at it, confused.

Minx slowly stood, his eyes on Riverus, still looking pale and unsteady.

Rombardi focused intently on Riverus. "Give me back that gun, kid..."

Riverus panicked and picked it up, aiming it at Rombardi.

Rombardi stepped back. "You won't shoot me..."

Riverus cocked the gun, feeling more confident. "I want free clearance out of here."

"I can't do that," Rombardi said slowly, trying to sound calm, "Now hand me the..."

Riverus tightened his finger on the gun. "I will shoot."

Minx was watching, but suddenly turned to the side and threw up, coughing as his stomach emptied itself. Riverus and Rombardi glanced at him, but then turned back to each other.

"Come on..." Riverus said, indicating he should move with the gun.

"... Both of you?" Rombardi asked.

"I can't stand being in her like this anymore..." Minx said, sounding uncharacteristically weak and gave a small shudder.

Riverus eyed Minx and sighed, unable to help feeling sympathetic. "Both of us..."

"Fine," Rombardi sneered, "But I'll remember this."

"Less talking, more walking," Riverus snapped.

Rombardi scowled and turned, walking towards the door, Riverus stood and walked behind him, keeping the gun trained on Rombardi's back. Minx took a shaky breath and followed.

Riverus made sure the gun was hidden as he marched him to the front desk.

"These two didn't commit the crime," Rombardi said casually to the officer at the front desk. "Their alibi checks out."

"... yeah?" the officer said, "Won't even hold em overnight?"


"... Okay."

"Come on," Rombardi muttered and lead them to the front doors.

The boys followed silently, Riverus waiting until he was outside to reveal the gun again, keeping it trained tightly on Rombardi. He hesitated, uncertain, then walked over and took Rombardi's hand cuffs, slapping them on one of his wrists.

Taking a chance, Rombardi reached for the gun but Riverys tensely shoved it up into Rombardi's temple as he slapped the other end onto a pipe running off the building.

"You won't get away with this..." Rombardi growled.

Riverus stared then took a deep breath and slammed the gun across Rombardi's head, knocking him unconscious.

"This is really bad," Minx said, looking tired.

"... He shot at me didn't he?" Riverus asked.

Minx ignored him. "People will believe whatever lie he comes up with..."

"He could've killed me..." Riverus said, looking very pale.

"I was just saying..." Minx rubbed at his eyes, looking like a child. "Let's get a cab or something..."

"Yeah... o-okay," Riverus said then promptly fainted.

Minx just sighed and hailed a cab.
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