Rei Davidson (reidavidson) wrote in minx_n_riverus,
Rei Davidson

Third Ring

Riverus woke up with a small groan, rubbing his forehead. He felt a small dizzy spell come over him and he gave a groan, looking around and sitting up, his vision blurring back to it's normal state.

"Ugh... where am I?" he muttered to himself, looking around.

He was sitting in a wide entryway, just behind a large closed elaborate front door. The hallway was covered in several beautiful paintings which then in turn opened into a huge room with two curving staircases, gold trimmed, leading up to the second floor. Below it was a much longer hallways, where several posing marble statues stared pensively into nothing.

Riverus stared for a moment, sitting on his knees, his hands left dangling between his knees as he looked around, taking in the fact that he was in a large mansion. He tried to remember how he had arrived there and only remembered Minx.

That was enough to send him pouncing on the door.

"What are you doing?"

Riverus froze and turned, his glasses slipping on the sweat building on his nose. Behind him stood a very unamused looking man in his late twenties with spiky hair that seemed to start off dark brown in the middle and abruptly turn a sandy tan colour. He was hideously tall, his well sculpted body towering more than a head over Riverus.

"Minx brought you here last night," the man said, waiting for no answer or introduction, "Would you like to speak with him?"

"...No," Riverus said slowly, afraid to take his hand off the unmoving doorknob.

"Then what do you want?" he asked.

"To go home," Riverus replied slowly.

"Minx wanted you to stay awhile," he replied, "I would rather not assist you in leaving."

"I don't need assistance," Riverus said quickly, putting his back to the door, "I'm quite capable of leaving on my own.

"You do realize you are about 15 miles outside the city limits, don't you?" the man asked, "That's probably a 30 mile walk in all to your apartment."

"I'll find a cab," Riverus replied.

"You're willing to pay the cost of a cab driver driving 30 miles?" he asked, raising his eyebrow.

Riverus paused. He had no money on him. That was next to impossible. "I'll walk."

The man rolled his eyes. "Just talk to Minx. I'm sure you can convince him to have you driven home," he said, "He usually can't tolerate company."

"... Not with my luck," Riverus replied, still standing against the door defensively.

"Follow me," the man said, looking vaguely like he might break Riverus is he didn't, "I'll take you to Minx's room."

Riverus held onto the doorknob, looking helpless.

"Look, you wanna leave?" the man asked, sounding a bit impatient, "Talk to Minx..."

Riverus shook his head.


"I'm okay right here," Riverus insisted,latching onto the door.

"I will charge you for the cleaning or repairing of that door," the man threatened.

Riverus huffed and slowly let go of the door.

"Look, I'll put this nicely," the man said, his tone disputing his words, "While you're here, I have to play host. As soon as you leave, I get the rest of the time to relax. The sooner you talk to Minx, the sooner you leave."

"I don't want to see him," Riverus said, sounding quite certain.

"No one usually does," he replied, "And I don't want you in this house. He obviously wants to say something to you if he dragged you home with him and forbid you from leaving."

Riverus stubbornly folded his arms. "I'm content right here."

"Fine..." the man sighed, "I'll wake up Minx and tell him you want to leave."

"Good," Riverus said and the man turned and walked up the stares, looking annoyed and slightly vexed. Riverus looked around for means of escape during the small moment alone, but was quickly distracted by angry screams and a loud thud.

Riverus swallowed hard and blinked as the man came quickly back down the stairs. "Thanks a lot," was all he said. Riverus repinned himself to the door, expecting the worst.

Minx skidded into view upstairs, a pillow in hand, looking quite childish. "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!"

Riverus wondered briefly if he should run.

The man gave a small wince. "This isn't good..."

Riverus made up his mind and ran.

Minx was storming down the stairs when he saw Riverus jet by. "Oh. You're up."

Riverus gave no reply, simply ducked into the hallway under the stairs, really having no clue where it was he was going. Minx gave an irritated look, following him.

Riverus found a closet door and ran inside, hiding, figuring that he could leave later if no one found him. However, it only took a few minutes before Minx opened the door and blinked slowly. "What are you doing?"

"... Playing hide and seek?" Riverus said timidly.

Minx grinned. "Funny. Hungry?"

"... A bit," Riverus replied, his stomach growling.

"Come on," Minx waved for him to stand. He turned and yelled, "I WANT FOOD! NOW!" He then smiled at Riverus and walked away.

Riverus stood and began to quietly sneak away.

"Where are you going now?" Minx said sharply, causing Riverus to stop and turn.

"Coming," Riverus submitted and followed.

"So what are you going to do now?" Minx asked.

"... I do not know," Riverus said coldly, adjusting his glasses.

"Well, that sucks," Minx said, walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah..." Riverus muttered. He looked around. The kitchen was huge, a large table in the middle and a horseshoe shape of cabinets and appliances all around the walls. The man from earlier was towards the back, in front of a stove with several burners, grumbling as he cooked several different foods all at once.

"Anything in particular you wanna eat?" Minx asked, yawning.

"No... I'm good with whatever..."

"Whatever," Minx shrugged, "And will you hurry up! I'm hungry!"

The man glared at him, and Minx shut his mouth, giving no reprimand. Riverus blinked. He'd assumed the man was a servant but if he could get away with the dirty look he'd just shot at Minx, maybe not...

"He uh... looks like he's going as fast as he can," Riverus put in.

Minx blinked and stared at him. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are you standing up for him?" Minx asked, staring up at the ceiling.

"Because, he didn't deserve that..."

"You're nice. And you want to take over the world?" Minx asked.

"I want more power over it for my own reasons," Riverus replied.


"Because I don't think things are fair how they are," Riverus replied.

"Is that the only reason?" Minx asked.


"What else is there?"

"I just think I could do things better," Riverus shrugged.

"Yeah, this world is pretty screwed up," Minx conceded.

Riverus just nodded.

The man walked over and placed the food before them, looking extremely agitated. Minx leaned over and piled a little of everything onto his plate and started to eat. Riverus simply put a few items down and picked at his food.

"Why are you always so... cheerless?" Minx asked, watching him.

"Why not?" Riverus replied scornfully.

"You don't answer questions with questions," Minx snapped, "I don't know why not, I wouldn't have asked if I knew..."

"I do answer questions with questions," Riverus's eyes suddenly lit up, "You gonna stop me?"

"Are you trying to piss me off?!" Minx asked, standing.

"Maybe," Riverus shrugged, "It's not hard. You're a spoiled brat."

"Did I ever say I was otherwise?" Minx asked, suddenly cold, "I'm sick of this." With that he walked away.

Riverus finally felt his temper blow. "Does that mean I can levae now?!"

"I have no idea..." the man said, eating.

Riverus slammed a fist on the table. "I am not a prisoner! Who is the master of this house?!"

"Officially, Minx's father," the man replied, "But it's pretty much Minx."

"I should be allowed to leave," Riverus said, getting fiery, "I don't even live here!"

"No one but Minx and I really live here," he shrugged.

"Why do his parents spoil him like that?" Riverus asked.

"Why not?" the man said with a small ironic smile, "Give him whatever he wants and they don't have to have anything to do with him."

"They've overinduldged him," Riverus muttered, "Has he ever had to work for anything in his life?"

"I don't know anyone who would hire him," the man replied, "Minx can't handle being around people."

"With money like this," Riverus waved emphatically at their surroundungs, "He could pay his way into any job in the country, whereas the rest of us are stuck in recession and economic depression."

"You don't understand..." the man looked off impassively, "Minx is a telepath. I don't know many people comfortable around someone who could read their mind..."

"That's because most people have something to hide, so..." Riverus paused, "Wait a sec, he's a what?"

"He's a telepath."

Riverus blinked. He'd heard of telepaths before. He'd always heard stories of cruel, manipulative people who would use your thoughts against you to gain from your demise, caused by them. However, that description didn't match up in this case. Sure, Minx was spoiled, moody and childish, but a criminal mastermind? Not likely.

"Telepaths are supposed to be extremely rare..." Riverus said thoughtfully.

"A few thousand in the world at the most," the man replied. "Most people consider them freaks of nature."

"That's silly," Riverus shook his head.

The man raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

"Well, yeah, it's not Minx's fault he's a telepath," Riverus shrugged, "And he doesn't seem any more dangerous than anyone else. Or if he is, he must not use those abilities to hurt others too often..."

"That doesn't seem to matter to most people," the man said.

"Well then it is silly, then, isn't it?" Riverus sat down and looked around, "From what I've heard of telepathic abilities, their pretty invaluable. Why label a great gift as a curse?"

"Hmm," the man smiled a bit, "I think I know why Minx told me not to let you run off..."

"Oh great..." Riverus groaned, "Fine! It's a curse! He's a freak... I just want to go home..."

"I would talk to Minx for you, but..." he got up, scraping his plate, "I don't want to bother with it."

"Fine," Riverus said quietly, "I'll talk to him."

"Your funeral," the man said, "This way please."

Riverus followed him as he exited the kitchen, wondering what he was expected to say. The man led him to a door and waved at it.

"Here we are," the man said.

"Should I knock or...?"

"He probably wouldn't answer if you did knock. It's up to you," the man shrugged.

Riverus scowled and slammed on the door. "Hey, Minx!"

"Well, I'll be downstairs," the man said quickly and walked away.

"I know you're in there," Riverus yelled as no reply came from the room. There was still silence. "Are all telepaths as stubborn as you?!"


"Then let me go!" Riverus screamed back. "I'm not a servant or someone who has to worry about your big money making my life as harder! And I don't really care if you can read my thoughts! I don't have much to hide! You can't keep me here!"

Suddenly the door opened and Minx stared at him.

"I just wanna go home..." Riverus sighed.

"Fine," Minx replied and walked passed him. Riverus followed. Minx proceeded down the stairs and to the front door, pulling a set of keys and toggled with the two way lock. He popped open the door and walked out.

Riverus stepped out as well. "Geez, it's almost morning..."

Minx shrugged and started back into the house.

"Hey!" Riverus cried, huddling against the new winter chill, "What about a ride?!"

Minx ignored him, stepping up to the door. Riverus sighed and turned. "It's freezing out here," he muttered and hugged himself, walking towards the city.

Minx paused in the doorway for a moment, then sighed and turned. "Wait!" he called.

Riverus didn't hear him. "No choice then..."

"You freakin' nerd, I said wait!" Minx shouted and stomped after him.

Riverus turned, shivering. "What?!"

"I'll get the driver to take you home," he said and walked towards a small cottage nearby. Riverus followed, a bit surprised. Minx paused and knocked on the door.

An old, grouchy man opened the door. "What?!"

"Take him home," Minx said, jerking his thumb at Riverus.

The man sneered but grabbed his coat and keys, coming outside. "Fine." He stomped out to a limo, parked nearby. Riverus followed, uncertainly.

"Well bye," Minx said.

"Yeah..." Riverus said, pausing outside the door of the back of the car. "Maybe I'll see ya..."

"Doubt it," Minx shrugged, looking away, his eyes more guarded than usual.

"Bye..." Riverus said, ducking into the car. He huddled, feeling the warmth of the seats take away the chill. Somehow, I feel sad..., he thought.

Minx just flopped down on the ground and stared up at the sky as the limo drove away. Riverus watched him as they left, frowning a little.

"Well.. Maybe I will see him again someday," Riverus said as the mansion was left into the distance and Minx's and Riverus's lives suddenly became silent again.
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